L&T Messer Prodcuts:-

L&T Messer provides the high quality GAS BRAZING TOURCH, GAS ECONOMIZER, FLASHBACK ARRESTOR, REGULATOR HIGH FLOW PROFI-CUT, CUTTING TORCH etc. It is our commitment to customer service that sets us apart from every one else.

Gas Economizer:

The Gas Economizers we supply are extensively used in various industrial and commercial applications such as in general workshops, welding purposes, heating & brazing processes and much more. Designed in compliance with international recognized standards.

Gas Regulators:

We offer a qualitative range of Gas Regulators that provide the perfect flow of gas. They save the maximum of total gas usage. These regulators prevent the sudden gas flow drops. These are eco friendly and come in variety of dimensions, further custom designed according to the clients’ specific requirements.

Flashback Arrestors:

These arrestors have high capacity flame arresting capacity which effectively puts out the flame in case of full flashback. Avialable for both welding and cutting outfits i.e. for both regulators and cutters. These arrestors can effect both Fuel gases and so arrestors for oxgen and actylene are avialable.

Starlight Nozzles:

We also offer Starlight Nozzles.

Kinds of Nozzle :

GRICUT® / VADURA®        Cutting nozzle
GRIFLAM®                         Heating nozzle
AIRTHERM                         Heating nozzle/air
GRISCARF®                      Gouging nozzle
GRIWELD®                        Welding nozzle

Starlight Torch:

A pressure regulator is a valve that automatically cuts off the flow of a liquid or gas at a certain pressure. Regulators are used to allow high-pressure fluid supply lines or tanks to be reduced to safe and/or usable pressures for various applications.

ProfiCut Cutting Torch:

ProfiCut H 8607-A/PMYF Hand Cutting and Gouging Torch

According EN-ISO, BSP, CGA, NFE and AS standard.

Fuel Gas:                Acetylene
                               Nat. Gas

Nozzle Connection:
Length:                    530 mm and all other length.
Torch Head:             90°
Cutting Range:         3-300 mm
Cutting O2 Valve:     Spring Lever
Inlet Connection:     Interchangeable

For more details, please download the attached file.

Gas Brazing Torches:

We offer quality Gas Brazing Torches. Our clients can avail these at industry leading prices. We are engaged in supplying Air Torches with various ranges and specifications. Our Needle Injector Needle Brazing Torch is an easy to carry light weight unit. The brazing torch is a versatile and handy unit suitable for engineering workshops and foundries which requires regular or occasional heating for repairing and production works.